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Notebook Catering began in the Spring of 2019. Chef Manny continues to bring new dishes and takes on old favorites to the delight of his customers. Check out the full menu below for more details about how Chef Manny can cater your next event.

"Cooking is all about people. Food is maybe the only universal thing that really has the power to bring everyone together. No matter what culture, everywhere around the world, people get together to eat."

Guy Fieri

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About Chef Manny

Chef Manuel (Manny) Alipio was born and raised in the Philippines. He began his over 40 years in culinary as a teenager working in various five star hotels in Manila. In addition to working in the food and beverage industry, Chef Manny has also worked in various palacies in Saudi Arabia. He has also performed the duties of both Wine Sommelier and Maitre 'D on various luxury cruise ship lines aroudn the world.

Since moving to the United States, Chef Manny has managed restaurants in Los Angeles, California and Springfield, Missouri. Chef Manny currently resides in Blue Springs, Missouri with his wife of 27 years, Laura, and their two children, Lydia and Noah. Chef Manny enjoys going hunting and fishing in his off time when he is not cooking.

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  • Chef Manny never fails to impress with his food. I'm always satisfied with my catering order.

    Customer #1 - Notebook Catering customer

  • Always looking forward to our meetings now that Notebook Catering is our go-to lunch provider.

    Customer #2 - Notebook Catering customer

  • Can never go wrong with Notebook Catering. Their chicken wings are the best in town!

    Customer #3 - Notebook Catering customer

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