J.A. Rogers Elementary

Pre-Kindergarten thru 6th Grade

Dr. Adriane Blankinship-Johnson, Principal
6400 E. 23rd Street
Kansas City, Missouri 64129
Phone: 816-418-4770
9:15 am – 4:15 pm

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Creating a caring community.

At J. A. Rogers, we provide experiences and programs that will enhance teaching, learning, environmental awareness and healthy living. Our shared vision for the community is that we build on its strengths to provide meaningful opportunities for children, families and individuals to achieve self-sufficiency, attain their highest potential, and contribute to the public.

Celebrating diversity.

J.A. Rogers has more than 600 students, making it one of the largest elementary schools in the city. Our student population includes children from several different countries and who speak many different languages. We are proud of our diversity and believe celebrating our different cultures leads to better classroom instruction.

Each student at J.A. Rogers school will receive his/her own digital device in the classroom. This device can house student materials, textbooks and help increase digital literacy.

Activities & programs include:

  • Pree Pre-Kindergarten
  • Free Before & After School Care (K-6)
  • National Elementary Honor Society
  • Clean Streams
  • Jackson County Spelling Bee
  • DARE
  • Dental Clinic
  • Score 1 Health